January 31, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I was checking email and stalking blogs this morning when my cell phone rings. I looked at the incoming call and saw a 503 area code. My first thought is, "Oh, Tania is calling me" because it is a Portland area code. I answered and it was Radu on the other end. He tells me he's been thinking about the travel package I am putting together for him and that he just sent me some information he wants me to include in it. I go to my computer and press the "send/receive" button. Sure enough, an Adoption Avenues email pops into my Inbox. He tells me to open it, which I do. All it says is "Hello. How are you?" But then I notice there are 3 attachments and immediately tears well up in my eyes. Is this my referral? Radu, is this my referral? YES!!!! I'VE RECEIVED MY REFERRAL!!!

So I call Lucia, who I promised would be the first to know. I'm reading all the social and medical information to her: 8 month old girl, father passed away, mother has no means to care for her, she's healthy, from an area southwest of Addis. Now I'm ready to see her face. I forward the photos to Lucia because she wants to see her the same time I do. Okay, ready, 1, 2, 3 DOUBLE CLICK.

WAIT! Mine isn't opening, don't look at her before me! It didn't work for her either. I called Radu and told him I couldn't open the photos. He has me download some viewing program and told me to try opening them again. To make a long story short, when I saved the photos as Word Documents, the medical/social information opens up. So they weren't even photos to begin with.

I now have 3 copies of the paperwork, and no photos. I plan to accept her regardless, but I really want to see her face and look into her eyes, the windows to her soul.

That is all I can tell you right now. I cannot post photos until she is legally mine. Wow, legally mine - my Janissa.

January 27, 2009

The Adventures of Sabah

Tania and Sabah came to visit for a long weekend. Tania recently traveled around the world to pick up her beautiful daughter, Sabah, in Ethiopia. I was able to experience how wonderful it is to hear the sounds of a baby in my home. I also got to hear the sounds of an angry baby crying in my home and guess what? I haven't changed my mind. No one was injured in my home over the four day stay, so I think it might be safe to bring home a child of my own. Here are a bunch of photos of Sabah's first visit to California.

We met up with new friends and had lunch at Rain Forest Cafe.

Lisa, Zaela, Sabah & Tania

Zaela trying out a chair at Pottery Barn Kids

New BFF's Sabah & Zaela
(Sabah warmed up my stroller, car seat and high chair for Janissa. She gave me a thumbs up!)


Sabah ready to dive into the fountain

Saturday we picked up my nieces Sarah & Leah, met up with friends of Tania's, and had lunch in Little Ethiopia. The food was awesome!

Sarah & Leah

We got ice cream and strolled on Venice Beach

Sabah's first time on a swing

Leah posing for Auntie Mona

We stopped at Tom's Farm on our way to the Lake Elsinore Outlet Mall

Sabah driving the tractor

Sabah playing with Anna & Rose

Monday we went to the petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano. Sabah tried to eat the goat food, and the goats tried to eat Sabah.

Showing off her new sunglasses!

Mama, why isn't the pony moving?

Tania, thank you for sharing Sabah with me. The weekend was a blast and I can't wait for Janissa to meet both of you when she is finally home.

January 19, 2009

Special Friends & Family






Hope I didn't forget anyone!

January 17, 2009


Two families have received referrals ahead of me. That finally gave me the nerve to call Radu personally and ask him what was going on. His previous response of "some families are luckier than others" wasn't doing it for me. Between my sobs I managed to spit out, "you said 3 to 4 months, and it has been over 4 months" (but whose counting, right?). It turns out, because the courts were closed all of August and September, that my wait time didn't start until the courts reopened in October! That's right! I'm definitely not one of those "lucky" ones. That means it could be an entire month before I hear anything. No, I'm not happy. I have now waited the longest amount of time for a referral from Ethiopia than any other family at my Agency. Not an accomplishment I want to boast about. So he tells me to 'keep praying' that it will be (let's all say it together) S-O-O-N!!!!!!! Radu had previously told me that based on the amount of time my dossier has been registered in Ethiopia, that I should be next. That is why I called him when a second family received word. Soon. Soon. Soon. Soon. Soon!

On a positive note . . . I am looking forward to next weekend when Tania and Sabah will be here for a visit from Portland. Sabah is going to test everything out for Janissa: the crib, stroller, car seat, high chair, baby proofing of my house. So if Sabah is happy, I'm good to go! I can't wait to meet them in person. I've taken off 2 days from work so we can go out and play! Whoo Hoo!!!

By the way, despite my sadness of having to wait, I am sincerely happy for the families at my agency that have received their referrals, as well as the families who have court dates and will be traveling soon. Amber - you'll pass this time! I just know it!