March 6, 2011

She Continues To Amaze Me

I haven't posted forever! So much has been happening. My house finally sold and escrow is set to close on March 25. I found a little (really tiny) 2 bedroom single level home with a huge backyard for Janissa.  That escrow will close a few days after mine.  We will be staying with my parents for a few weeks as there are a few things I want to do to the new place before we move in.  It will be a work in progress for a while as there are several changes I want to make.  Janissa isn't quite sure about this whole move thing, but once she sees her stuff in the new house and knows that we are going to be living there together the same as here, I'm sure she will be okay.

I survived a big layoff at my company (Thank God!).  Six people in my department were let go.  Needless to say those of us still there are incredibly busy.  I keep thinking I'm going to catch up, but I'm beginning to wonder if I ever will.  I am just so incredibly grateful that I am still there as I had only been there a little over a year.  Luckily, the guy in charge knows what my skills are because I worked on his account while employed at CresaPartners, so I was saved.

Janissa loves her pre-school and has a lot of friends there.  When she turns 3 in two months she'll moved up to a new classroom.  She can't wait to go to the "big classroom".  She continues to grow like a weed.  She weighs 35 pounds and is over 3 feet tall.  We continue to battle with her allergies/asthma, but she's a trooper and doesn't let it get her down.  She can count in English, Spanish and Japanese, loves to sing and dance, and has a ton of energy.  She is stubborn and speaks her mind when she pleases (wonder where she got that from?).  Every morning is a battle because she only wants to wear jeans and her shirt with the hearts (which is in the washer right now).  All her adorable clothes - and she prefers jeans.  

Life with Janissa is awesome.  She potty trained herself.  She keeps me going.  She keeps me laughing.  I love her zest for life.  I love her.

Here are recent pictures.