January 30, 2010

January 31

One year ago today I opened my email and saw this photo 

and my life was forever changed

January 4, 2010

Janissa Update

Janissa with some of her cousins

She gets into everything

She got so many gifts!!

 She's climbing now

She loves her red wagon, a special gift from Uncle Joe, Uncle Tom, Aunt Kathy and her cousins Christopher and Stephen

Not only is she eating with a spoon, she's eating vegetables with spoon!

She's still getting into everything

Aunt Kathy took her to Build-a-Bear

She made a little dog that we named "Bonga"

Taking Bonga for a run

Building a dog is tough work

Did I mention she climbs on things?

The wagon has become permanent living room decor

It's not easy being a toddler