November 21, 2010

What's Janissa Been Up To?

Janissa continues to grow like a weed.  She is 3 feet tall and weighs about 32+ pounds.  She keeps me busy!  We have had a very busy couple of months.  We visited my brother Tom and his family in Seattle; we attended my brother Joe's wedding in Albuquerque and we visited my cousin Cheryl in Honolulu.  After the flights to Seattle and Albuquerque I was concerned about the long flight to Honolulu; but thanks to a little portable DVD player, Shrek and Nemo, she was a perfect angel.  

I have posted several pictures to give you an idea of how much fun we've had.

September 6, 2010


Congratulations to my brother Joe who asked Flaget to marry him.  She said yes.  I have no idea how he got so lucky!  We are truly blessed to add her to our family.

Flaget & Janissa

Flaget & Joe

August 15, 2010

First Annual Toukoul Adoptive Families Reunion

Last weekend was the first ever Toukoul Adoptive Families Reunion in Portland, Oregon.  There were 17 children who all came from Le Toukoul Orphanage in Ethiopia.  There were also numerous siblings present.  Char and Kwali flew up there with Janissa and me and we all stayed with Tania and Sabah.  It was a great time, as you can tell from the photos below.  It was so nice to meet all the people we had chatted with online and blogged with.  A big thank you to Debbie and the other women who arranged a wonderful weekend for all of us.

Warning!  Many, many photos attached!

Janissa on the airplane (photo compliments of Kwali)

Tania and Sabah met us at the airport with enough car seats to go around

Our first stop was Vista House, then Multnomah Falls

That night we met up with the other families for the first time

The kids had a great time running around

The next morning we met for breakfast.  When the kids were about to take the drapes down, we headed for the Zoo.

How adorable are these three little friends?

It was then time for our Ethiopian Dinner

Janissa decided she wanted to dress casual and undressed herself in the corner

Janissa reunited with her friend Weredesh

All the friends together again!

Sunday morning we said goodbye to Char and Kwali and headed to the Rose Gardens

We said good-bye to all the families at the farewell picnic

Janissa and Naomi on a fun, comfy swing

Where is Janissa?

I guess she wanted to stand out in the crowd

I had business in Portland on Monday, so we got to hang out until Tuesday morning.  Janissa and Sabah had a great time together and I enjoyed visiting with Tania and comparing Mommy notes.
Thank you, Tania, for your hospitality and making our stay so enjoyable.

Friends Forever!