February 4, 2012

Fun Stuff

Earlier this month we got to spend time with some friends who were visiting from Washington.  We went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D, had some great cupcakes beforehand, and then a wonderful dinner.  I sure wish we lived closer because Janissa just adores Clair.

Clair and Janissa

Sharing cupcakes

New movie in theaters soon

Yummy!  Cold popcorn
Janissa's first dinner dance.  She is dancing with Ben (Clair's cousin) with Rose on the left and Anna in the background

Yesterday we spent 11 hours at Disneyland!  Our very good friends, Tania and Sabah, were in town so we met up with them.  It was such a great day!  The weather was perfect and the lines were short.  Sabah and Janissa were at Le Toukoul together in Ethiopia and have had the opportunity to see each other on several occasions since then.  Tania and I would love it if they were friends forever!  We also met up with other friends, Lisa, Zaela, Christy and Eli for a few hours.  Char and Kwali, we missed you so much, but know we'll see you soon.
 Janissa "goofing" off

Sabah and Janissa on the Teacups

Janissa on the Carousel

Sabah and Tania

Janissa, Zaela and Sabah

Zaela, Sabah and Janissa waiting for the Tiki Room doors to open

Sabah, Tania and Janissa in line for the Rockets!
I had to add this photo from the Portland Zoo taken in Summer of 2010.  It's why we took the previous photo.  How they've grown!!!

Ready for take off

January 31 was the third anniversary of receiving my referral of Janissa.  That moment is etched in my memory forever.  This photo was taken by Jenna Zimmer when she was there picking up Addia. It is one of my favorites.

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