February 25, 2012

February 2012

 The month of February has been a lot of fun.  We celebrated Valentine's Day at The Great Park with our Adoptive Families Group.  Janissa had a lot of fun playing with Kwali, Joseph, Oliver and Taye.  It was too windy to go up in the big orange balloon, but we did get to ride the carousel.
Rock Climbing

Janissa and Joseph

Taye and Janissa

Janissa riding the carousel

The next day we celebrated Kwali's 4th Birthday at Bounce U.  Janissa jumped to her hearts desire and had so much fun with all the other kids, especially her pal Oliver!

Janissa in action

Look at that form!

Sliding with Oliver and Miss Elisa

Group Photo

Happy Birthday to Kwali

McDonald's play date with Kwali

Last week Janissa had her very first dental appointment.  She was such a good girl.  She has 20 beautiful and healthy teeth!  I've already been informed that Miss J is going to need braces.  As I've known all along, her finger sucking has caused some big problems.  

Open wide

Meeting Dr. Toner

1, 2 3 . . . 18, 19 20!

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