April 22, 2009

Another Update

I received two more photos from my agency today, along with an update on Janissa. She is now 27 inches long and weighs 16.7 pounds. My sweet little girl is getting so big. She looks very healthy, and still very scared. She has no clue why
her picture is constantly being taken.

The Zimmer's left today to pick up their sweet Addia! Yeah! They will be taking pictures and delivering gifts to Janissa from her Mama. The Litty's will be on their way to pick up Bryce in no time at all (Yeah Again!) and will also be taking pictures for me. I am so ready to go take pictures myself. Poor baby, no wonder she is scared, her mother is picture-crazy. . .just can't get enough of her cute little face.


April 9, 2009

The Latest News

Janissa is 11 months old. She is 26.8 inches tall and weighs 15.4 pounds. She looks great, although I've only seen her smile once. She is very skeptical of strangers, especially those with cameras that flash. She can sit without support, babbles and reaches for familiar people. She also cut her two bottom teeth (darn, I missed it!). She is a thumb-sucker. It doesn't look like she favors one over the other. In the video I received (thank you, Michael), she goes from the right thumb to the left in a matter of seconds.

I am anxiously awaiting my May 19 court date (35 days away for those who are counting down with me). I still expect to travel mid-June.

We celebrated Easter at my parents house yesterday. I made my first Ethiopian dish called Fosoleay. It is green beans and carrots with lots of spices. I think it went over pretty well.

Here are a few photos, starting with Mom's Traditional Easter Cookies:

The "guys" sitting in the newly landscaped, not quite complete patio area:

Finally, the cousins enjoying each others company: