March 16, 2009

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Not much has transpired since my last post. My court date is still May 19, despite my agency's attempts to get our dates moved up to an earlier date. I am so ready to go pick her up. One family recently traveled to pick up their little sweetheart, Ayana, and surprised me with a video of of my Janissa! Thank you Rick and Amber! To say I've watched it a hundred times would be an understatement. I've memorized every little move she makes. I watch her eyes go from the ceiling to the camera, back to the ceiling, back to the camera. There is something up there that is mesmerizing her, but she doesn't want to take her eyes off the action in the room. Whether that is a result of fear or curiosity remains unknown. She is very calm and quiet, not a peep out of my girl. She did not cry; I could tell she felt safe in her nanny's arms. It was apparent she knew the visitors taking her photo were strangers. She had a few chicken pox on her face that were apparently on their way out. I hope that is true.

Shortly after I received the video, we found out a sweet little one year old who had been referred to one of our Adoption Avenues families had passed away. We were told due to complications from the chicken pox. Radu assured me that cases like this are very rare. My heart goes out to that family as I am sure they loved their little girl as much as I love mine.

Jenna and Dan have their court date next Tuesday and my prayers are with them. They will soon be able to travel to pick up their bundle of joy. How exciting! I've sent her a little package to give to Janissa; and of course, she is going to take more photos for me. I am very happy for them.

Now, if we can just get Tracy and Sean's twin referrals, all will be well!

March 2, 2009

Mona Plus One

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It's Getting Closer!

My Court Date is May 19th! If I pass (and I can see no reason why I wouldn’t) Janissa will be legally mine. Travel will be approximately 4 weeks after that, once my Embassy Date is established. My sister-in-law has investigated every possible flight we can take using our air miles (First Class, Of Course!). She’s managed to find a route of only 22 to 23 hours, with only one layover on the way home. Kathy, what would I do with you?

Several families with my agency have the same court date, so I will get to meet a lot of them while I am in Addis. It will be so much fun to see the faces of the people I have communicated with over the past several months, and share in the excitement of holding our children for the very first time. Leah, do you have a date yet?????

Three families have recently traveled to pick up their children and have been kind enough to take pictures of Janissa for me. I now possess NINE pictures of her. As soon as I pass court, I will be able to post them here so you can see how beautiful she is. Thank you Melissa, Quinn and Amber!

Janissa currently has the chicken pox, poor baby. She didn’t have too many (I saw 5 on her face), but she looked tired, her eyes were glassy and her lips were parched. I wish I were taking care of her right now. I know she is in good hands. Chicken Pox has been going through the orphanage since December and the nannies are doing a great job of nursing the kids back to health.

So the count down begins – 79 Days!