March 14, 2012

Party Animal

With Janissa feeling better, we attended two birthday parties on March 3.  We literally partied from 1 in the afternoon until 8 at night!  Probably not a great idea so soon after her surgery, but it did make for a nice relaxing Sunday.

Mommy's adorable girl-pirate


Swinging at the pirate pinata

Eli, the birthday pirate

Janissa and Melat

Gathering for the treasure hunt

The Cutest Pirate Ever!!

Dancing up a storm at Elizabeth's party

More dancing (she loved Shakira's Waka Waka)

I couldn't get her to stop dancing

I'm sure it was too much partying too soon, but she was having so much fun.  Two pinata's in the same day - what a lucky girl.  We have enough candy to last two years! 

Janissa continues to amaze me with her strength, compassion and inner beauty.  She is a very special little girl.