August 24, 2008

A Minor Setback

I have not posted any updates lately because nothing has changed over the past few weeks. The construction is still as the pictures below depict because my HOA demanded the contractors stop and had their attorney send me a threatening letter. Yes, the HOA has put a halt to everything! Why? They claim they didn't know I was adding rooms inside my house. I have proof that they knew well before construction started - I have no idea why they waited until I was half way done to say something. I also have proof that my contractor did not adequately fill out the application, something the contract obligates them to do. The HOA Board is meeting tomorrow night (8/25), so I hope to have authorization to finish on Tuesday. If I am told I have to remove what is already there? Let's just hope we don't have to go there. . .

On a positive note - all my paperwork has been certified and sent to my Agency. This coming week everything will be sent to Washington D.C. for authentication. I am guessing that will take about a week. Then it all gets sent to Ethiopia and I wait breathlessly for the phone call that will tell me I have a referral.

I had a shower recently. My god-daughter Kathryn (and her mom, Marcia) wanted to have it for me before she left for school in Florida. I am so blessed that so many people care about me and support me in this endeavor. I don't know what I would do without all of you. Only 2 or 3 people have given me a hard time - it's hurtful, but I will learn to live with it.

I think being a Mother is the greatest gift that God could give to a woman. I am honored and blessed that He finds me worthy of caring for one of his orphaned children. I promise to do everything in my power to be the best Mom possible to this little girl, and I pray the day come soon when I see her face for the very first time.

Check for an update later in the week. Let's hope it's a positive one!

August 7, 2008

Thursday, August 8, 2008

The construction continues to evolve at a rapid pace. After only 4 days the new rooms are taking shape. I would take a walk on my new floor - but the big boarded "X" across the opening leads me to believe it's not quite safe. I guess I'll have to wait a few more days.

August 5, 2008

Construction - Day Three

These guys work fast!!!!

August 4, 2008

Let the Demolition Begin

For those of you who aren't aware, I am adding two rooms in my home. I have 20' ceilings over my living/dining areas and I plan to add a bedroom and playroom. My second bedroom was on the lower level and I was uncomfortable with the thought of having my soon-to-be daughter so far away from me at night. I will be posting photos of the construction periodically so you can check on the status of the new rooms. Here are a few photos of what it looked like when I left this morning (8/4/08).