June 24, 2011

What Have We Been Up To?

June 24 marks the 2 year anniversary of our "Gotcha Day".  I can't believe it has been 2 years since I first held my sweet baby girl!  She has grown so much since then.  I don't know what I would do without my Janissa in my life!  She makes me laugh every day.
She had her 3-year check up this week.  She is 3' 3" tall and weighs 37 pounds (75th percentile).  She is way ahead of the curve as far as developmental milestones.  Aside from some allergies she's pretty darned healthy. 

Her favorite foods are anything Mexican (but mostly enchiladas and guacamole), meatballs, chicken nuggets, pasta (if my Mom makes it) and pizza.  She can count into her 20's (and up to 10 in Spanish and Japanese).  She LOVES Disneyland and the Nemo ride (submarine) and Casey, Jr. Circus Train are her favorites.  She can sit through entire movies without moving.  She has been potty trained for quite some now now (except at night).

She doesn't sleep through the night yet and I'm beginning to think she never will.  She talks non-stop, loves to sing and dance, and continues to amaze me.  Next month she will move up to the pre-school class (the "big" classroom) at daycare.  She seems excited, but I know she is going to miss her teacher and the kids she's been with the past year.
Janissa turned 3 in May and had a Nemo Party with a few friends and immediate family.
Auntie Lucia made her a Nemo cake
Aunt Kathy gave her a Tutu (among other things)
The boxes were the hit of the party

Janissa's friends
Collecting loot from the Nemo pinata
Tom and Kathy came down to help me out while I was sick.
Joe and Flaget surprised us and showed up at the party
One of her favorite gifts was the Playdoh set from Yessica
Janissa was invited to be in Kathryn (my god-daughter) and Harry's wedding as a flower girl.  She had great fun at the bridal shower.

The Happy Couple
Hanging out with the other flower girls

Her hair had gotten really long and unmanageable.  She hates it when I brush it out and I had noticed it was several different lengths. 

So she had her first professional hair cutting experience.  They polished her nails, blew bubbles, gave her a ring, balloon and stuffed shark while she watched movies on her own screen in her own little car.  I hope she doesn't expect this all the time . . .

It was soon time for the rehearsal for the wedding.  My little girl was out of control - in fact I skipped the dinner and we went home (it was getting really late and we had an early morning).  After the rehearsal I didn't know if I should let her participate in the wedding.
She doesn't look like a holy terror

Anna and Rose are behaving
Soon it was time for the wedding and she was a different little girl.  She looked so stinking cute I couldn't stand it (all the girls did).  And she was well behaved and did everything she was supposed to.

Janissa and Kathryn

Posing for pictures with the big girls

Janissa and Clair

I love this picture

Walking to the church

We're ready to walk now
When she walked past me she waved and said "Hi Mommy"
Okay, so maybe she wasn't perfectly behaved
The bridal party
Kathryn & Harry (the cutest couple ever!)
She danced until I dragged her off the floor at 9:00 p.m.
Then she screamed because "I'm not done dancing yet!"

Other goings on -
My sister Carla got her Ph.D and we enjoyed the graduation ceremony.

Janissa's first baking experience

"I could get the sock out myself!"

She's cute and she knows it - or at least she knows how to work her Mama!
. . . until next time